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What you need to know for The Kentucky Derby 2023

What you need to know for The Kentucky Derby 2023

 What you need to know for The Kentucky Derby 2023

 What you need to know about the Kentucky Derby 2023

When is the Kentucky Derby?

Mark your calendar for May 6, 2023 which is the official Kentucky Derby Day, but there is parties and events every day leading up to the derby you won't want to miss. 

You can find a list of all the derby events Here

How do you get tickets to the Kentucky Derby? 

 You will want to make sure you use the official derby site to purchase your tickets to ensure you don't show up on derby day only to realize you have been scammed. 

Use the official Kentucky Derby website to book tickets. If you’re booking a package deal that includes Derby tickets, accommodations, etc. like we did (apparently, we book packages when we travel together?) use Derby Experiences. Derby Experiences is the only travel package provider actually connected with the Derby.

What to bring to The Kentucky Derby ? 

There are a few rules when it comes to what you can bring to the derby and one of them is what size purse you can bring in. You purse can be no larger then 12'x6'x12' 

A few other things you might want to bring to the derby, although you have very little space to carry them in your purse. 

1. Raincoat- There are always raincoats for purchase at the derby, but if it looking like rain you might want to pack one

2.Toilet paper- I know this seems very odd, but with over 160,000 people attending the derby. Toilet paper is hard to come by

3. Comfortable shoes-  Yes you may be thinking but I am paying for a seat, but you will discover that you will actually be doing very little time seating, so wear comfortable shoes 

What to wear to the Kentucky Derby ?

The Kentucky Derby Is know for its fashion, so I am sure you are wondering what do you wear to The Kentucky Derby.

Keep it simple and remember you will be wearing this outfit all day, So make sure that you are comfortable. The real star of the show is the Hat!!!

 The Kentucky Derby 2023 is all about color, bright, bold, Beautiful Hats. 

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