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How to Throw the Perfect Kentucky Derby Party

How to Throw the Perfect Kentucky Derby Party

There’s no better way to usher in the warmth of spring than hosting a Kentucky Derby party. Can’t make it to Churchill Downs? No problem. You can create a fun and festive experience right in your own backyard.

Kentucky Derby party ideas that will help you throw the perfect at-home derby party.

1) Dress Code: Make sure your guests know the dress code. Encourage them to dress up in their finest derby hats and bow ties. To add to the ambiance of the party, consider decorating your outdoor space with horse shoes or even a large poster of the Derby. Make sure they don't forget the hat, we all know that the hats are the real star of the show at the kentucky derby. 

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Need impression on what to wear? Check out our blog on what to wear to the Kentucky derby

2) Food and Drink: Kentucky Derby parties are all about mint juleps and traditional southern hospitality. Why not hire a caterer or barbecue expert to cook up some delicious southern favorites such as chicken and waffles, hot browns, or barbecued chicken. Of course, no Kentucky derby party would be complete without a refreshing mint julep. You can set up a bar station with all the necessary ingredients so that your guests can mix and mingle while they hydrate.

Looking for some recipe inspiration check out these Kentucky Derby recipes from the plain chicken 

The Best Kentucky Derby Appetizers

3) Music and Games: A great way to keep the party going is by providing karaoke, horse racing games, or even the classic game of horseshoes. 

We love the idea of a betting pool it is such a fun way to interact with the race. 

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4) Photo Booth: A photo booth is always a hit at any party, so why not set up a photo booth that features props like large-brimmed hats, Feather boas, wining trophy replicas, and other fun items to make it a true Kentucky Derby experience.

Try making a run of the roses derby wreath to add a pop of color to your photo booth.

Kentucky Derby party ideas

5) Party favors: Send your guests home with a little something to remind them of the amazing time they had at your Kentucky Derby party. Think horse-shaped cookies, mini bottles of Kentucky bourbon and of course, a horse race guide to commemorate the event.

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Kentucky Derby at home party favors

Hosting a Kentucky Derby party is all about creating a fun and festive environment where your guests can celebrate the excitement of the race.

Get ready to sip on mint juleps, bet on your favorite horse, and enjoy what will certainly be one of the most memorable parties of the year. Yee-haw!

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